matthew roe |

A Maryland-based award-winning filmmaker and a published film critic and theorist. He has produced over two dozen productions for film, video, television and online. In addition to making movies, he teaches digital film production and screen acting, and offers freelance videography and digital editing services.

Has written film critique and theory for FilmSnobbery, Community Soul, The Baltimore Examiner, AXSMen's Confidence Magazine, and Screen Anarchy. He writes the film theory column "Anarchic Cinema" for Film Inquiry, DVD/Blu-ray/film reviews for Under the Radar, and movie reviews for IonCinema, The Critical Movie Critics and Film Threat.

He is currently producer for the upcoming feature film The Forgiving, directed by CINE Golden Eagle-winner David J. Stern, and executive produced by Emmy Award-winner Peter Mitchell.


david short |
chief operating officer

An online content producer with over a decade of experience. He originally joined Heaven’s Fire Films in a supporting role in Matthew Roe's 2009 film, Stallions & Mules. After quickly becoming an integral part of the company's various projects, he co-created the long-running film review series ShitFlix with Roe in 2012, and by 2017 he was named COO of the company. He has written considerable material for numerous series, promotional videos, and short films.

He is currently the editor of ShitFlix, co-executive producer of several other series, and chief graphic designer and coordinating producer of Heaven's Fire Films.


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